What Must You Know About UI And UX Design?

Both UI and UX design are considered two of the highly conflated and confused terms in app and web design. Most often, they are placed together and when seen from the surface, both seem to describe the same thing.

Get introduced to UI design

UI is meant user interface and it is the graphical outline of an application. This comprises the text people read, buttons that users click, the text entry fields, sliders, images, and remaining components that users have an interaction with. It comprises transitions, screen layout, micro-interaction, and interface animations.

What is meant by UX design?

UX is meant user experience and the users’ experience of the application gets determined by the way users have an interaction with it. User experience gets determined by how tough or easy it is to have an interaction with the UI components that a UI designer has created.

The job of a UI UX design agency is deciding what an application will turn out to be. The designers will be needed to select button shapes and color schemes, the fonts that are used for text, and the width of lines. The job of the UI or UX designers is to form the look as well as the feel of the user interface of an application.

The skills that a UI/UX designer must possess

The description of the job of UI/UX designers does vary widely and numerous professional designers did originate from some unrelated fields and also bring forward transferable skills, like software development, digital marketing, and visual designs. Their educational backgrounds too are diverse though they must earn a degree in web design or graphic design.

UI or UX designers require various technical skills, like wireframing, UX research, interactive design, prototyping, information architecture, and visual communication. UI or UX designers should flaunt that they are excellent communicators and they are flexible and curious also.

The job description of a typical UI or UX designers

The job description of the UI or UX designers incorporates a combination of some key responsibilities and potential candidates are required to do the following:

  • UI/UX designers form user-centered designs as they understand business requirements, customer feedback, and usability discovery.
  • Iteratively and quickly form wireframes, user flows, low & high fidelity mockups, and prototypes.
  • Communicate with engineering and product teams besides executive leaders and business stakeholders.
  • Perform metrics analysis for informing design or UX optimization efforts.
  • Know the method of using prototyping tools, like Invision or Sketch.
  • Have superb communication, collaboration, presentation, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ensure the customers’ voice by incorporating usage metrics, customer feedback, and usability discovery into designs.

The job of the UI/UX design agencies

A UI UX design agency emerges as unique in the services it proposes and the way it offers them. For instance, a big difference exists between larger corporate agencies and small-scale boutique design firms of UI/UX. The UI/UX agencies propose many services from where you can take your pick. The common services comprise product and marketing UX policy, user and business discovery research, front-end engineering and platform integration,  experience innovation consulting, usability testing and analysis, etc.If you are ready to start, talk to a reliable web development agency today. They will be able to guide you, share ideas and provide you with a consultation on a website that suits your brand and voice.