How to compress a PDF file online?

How to compress a PDF file online?

PDF refers to Portable Document Format. PDFs are much essential and are used in our work almost every day. Pdf is a place where we can save files that cannot be modified but still can be shared and printed easily—using the pdf and having a version of Adobe Reader or other pdf readers on our devices.

Necessary steps to follow in order to compress PDF files online :

The first step is to be able to select the PDF file which you want to compress. Or else, you can even drag and drop the selected file to the upload area.

The second step is to select the compression level for your chosen file which you want to compress. Compression levels can be low, optimal or strong. After choosing the compression level, you have to click on “Compress PDF.”

The final step is to wait for few seconds till the PDF is compressed and then download it to save it to your device.

What are the advantages of compressing PDF online?

  1. It is simple to do and is much faster – ANYPDF has the advantage that it allows the user to shrink the files much quicker and in a short span of time. You can drag and drop the files to the upload section and compress it by clicking on “Compress PDF.”
  2. It is a secured application – ANYPDF is a highly secured application and is considered 100% confidentiality. That means no other user can access your files, and most importantly, all your files will be automatically deleted from our respective servers within an hour.
  3. No cost application – ANYPDF is Absolutely free for all its users. You can easily reduce the size of your pdf online without paying any amount.
  4. No pressure of downloading – You don’t have to download or install any software. Rather, the ANYPDF is a free application that runs in your web browser online.
  5. It can be used on any device – ANYPDF can be used on any PC and mobile device. You can easily compress your pdf files on Linux, Windows, iPhone, Android, MAC and many more.
  6. Different compression levels – According to your work, you can vary the compression level. The levels can be low, optimal and strong. For the best quality of your files, choosing the low compression level is preferred.

The above mentioned are the steps that can be helpful to compress your pdf files in the simplest form.