Best Way to Monitor My Employees Computer?

Employee productivity is crucial for the success of any business. But you need to be aware of the day-to-day activities of your employees. They could be waiting their precious time on some unproductive work. There are present full-proof legal ways to monitor your workers’ computer activities. It allows you to know which employee is productive and which ones are wasting business resources for their personal benefits. It also helps simplifies processes. These tools are designed to offer alerts as they enter non-official sites, which may harm your network or data. Work computer monitoring is found to help enhance overall work efficiency, productivity and accountability.

How to use Monitoring Software to track employee activity?

With the pandemic forcing people to be inside their homes, remote work has gone up by 44%. The software program when installed in the employee computer can track productivity in real-time. it also shows the amount of time the employee has put to complete the tasks assigned. Customized settings can be used to track each employee depending on their duties. Kickidler tracking software provides numerous features some of which are given below:

  • It helps to monitor remotely your employees’ work computers to view clipboard and manage mouse and keyboard. It allows file transfer between employee computers and administrator.
  • Screen video activity helps record as well as replay employees’ actions and activities on the computer. Filters when used can help view parts of videos.
  • DLP (Data Loss Protection) or Data Leak Protection functions. The software program is designed to collect valuable data to identify insider threats, especially if employees violate computer usage.
  • Keystrokes of the visited sites or documents on the computer can now be recorded with Keylogger integration function. It includes office software, social media, web-based applications and email, etc.
  • It offers detailed reports on dynamics, application, time and efficiency, etc.
  • Autokick tool set can help improve employee self-management. It is similar to an alarm, providing employees with notifications and reminders to work better. There is also an auto workplace violation notification. Custom interface is also present which helps to view their productivity analytics. Businesses that have 100 percent remote workers such as custom writing service, etc. can find such software program to be useful.
  • It also allows tracking and customization the start and end of every employee’s break time and workday. This includes business trips and vacations.

You can avail Workexaminer’s computer monitoring solution to improve employee productivity.