Are You Prepared to be an Entrepreneur?

So you might be here because you are thinking about starting out your own entrepreneurship career in the world of business. And as exciting as that decision might seem, are you sure you are ready to take on the responsibility and struggles of a business centred around your passions?

What is an Entrepreneur?

Before we move forwards, let us talk about what exactly is an entrepreneur and why is it considered a desirable – yet difficult career choice. In simple terms, an entrepreneur is someone who manages, organises, and assumes the many risks of businesses and enterprises. You can also say it is a person who owns and runs a business and takes on the responsibility of managing its operations. In fact, some of the most common characteristics of entrepreneurs include being innovative, smart, creative, resourceful, and someone who is not afraid of taking risks. 

Veteran entrepreneurs have often talked about the many benefits that come about of being able to start your own business. Being an entrepreneur gives room to a lot of freedom. You can work under your own hours, on whatever you want, whenever you want. Abiding by your rules alone seems like a dream come true for many people. But we also have to consider the other side of being an entrepreneur that is not quite as desirable as the benefits it offers. 

Let us dig a little deeper and look into the reality of it. Being an entrepreneur also means that you will constantly be dealing with ups and downs, you will come across many failures before you do anything right, losses, many struggles, and it will take a long time before you actually see the money rolling in the company. 

Naturally, the hard part of being an entrepreneur serves as a deal breaker in the whole package and one of the main reasons why most people quit midway of their entrepreneurship journey. But if you are still willing to go through with your plan, keep in mind that your career journey will not be easy and is nothing like a fairytale story that you might have imagined. 

In fact, when talking to Andrew Morgan of Marknology on the topic of entrepreneurship, he said, “Entrepreneurs are scared of all types of stuff and deal with more fear than most people. They just fear not trying at all.” And that still serves as the truth for many existing entrepreneurs in their career experience.  

However, what really helps in determining and understanding if you really have what it takes to be an entrepreneur is to observe the work of currently entrepreneur professionals. A prime example in this case would be Charles Iheagawara – a highly acclaimed American IT management executive, technology researcher, inventor, entrepreneur, and more. A man who serves as one of the few people who has made exceptional contributions within the IT industry. 

Following an invited testimony, Iheagwara testified before the Senate Committee on Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship on The Role of Small Businesses in Strengthening Cyber Security Efforts in the US. 

Iheagwara currently serves as the Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, working alongside a team of professionals to secure the Azure cloud platform and protect customers’ assets on the cloud. 

Additionally, he also serves as an innovative inventor and technology researcher with a United States patent in Information Technology Enterprise Intrusion Prevention Implementation Tool. Naturally, his work led him to have more than 40 publications, with some of them being cited by the ACM Digital Library and ResearchGate.